Working Together

We are a multinational community of individuals, who are passionate about software craftsmanship, to create high-quality products and innovation solutions for a greener, tech-driven future.

Our Mission

To help our clients increase efficiency to save you money and drive new revenues. 

To solve specific problems, and to provide solutions that integrate easily into a mixed ecosystem of new and older technologies.

We strive to collaborate with organizations that want to go where no team has gone before and to move at warp speed.

We are a Managed Services/SI/Specialized Capacity agency that is supported by well-established global partners covering 15 countries, 7 delivery centers consisting of 1,200 engineers (and growing). Our offshore/nearshore time zone friendly locations, provides 18 hours of continuous delivery coverage at very competitive rates and pricing models.

Xcell’s partner group has a client engagement history of 300+ clients, boasting a 95+%, 4.3 + years average lifetime, and includes pioneering and supporting (8+ years), a current 2024 Technology & Engineering Emmy Award winning streaming Media brand, Yes, the same Emmy that goes to your favorite directors and TV shows!

Our partners engineers are made up of talented experts in cloud, mobile, web, front & backend development, security, RPA, AI-Automation, Gaming, Sustainability solutions, and more (+40% growth, last 2-years with +80% retention rate).

Our professionals and clients work together as a single team and participate during the entire project lifecycle, providing guidance, defining the technical architecture, design and implement the product.

The components, services and tools solve the challenges faced by our clients businesses and are built with the highest levels of quality and exceptional end-customer experiences.

We leverage the latest technologies to empower individuals to achieve transformative strategic outcomes for our 300+ clients around the globe to include Tier 1 -M&E clients, Technology, Banking & Finance, Hospitality, Real Estate, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Financial, Healthcare, Marketing & Advertising and Customer Service clients.


Software Architects
Business analysts
UI/UX designers
QA Automator's with experts in cloud
Mobile development
Web development
Front & Backend Development
UI Path
Angular Development
Smart TV and gaming

Why choose us

Flexible relationships

Long & Short term partnerships

Fluent English speakers

Proactive and dynamic communication

Convenient time zones

  • 18 hours of continuous delivery coverage
  • Matching to different US working hours

Integrated teams

Naturally merge with client`s team as a single unit of work

Agile oriented

Constantly show progress and report blockers

Adaptive budgets

CapEx & OpEx according to project needs

Engagement models

  • Team Extension: to fill positions managed by the Client
  • Managed Services: full teams managed by Xcell Group Partners

Partners achieve 

A less that 5% turnover average

Proven & Trusted

  • Chosen by tier 1 companies in the US
  • Ask for references! :)

Geographical Delivery Centers and office locations

Within LaTam and Eastern Europe provides both superior engineering ability, quality and value

Geographic Focus

Our Technology partners and or Delivery Centers are strategically located to include:

  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine)
  • Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay)
  • North America (Canada, USA)
  • Western Europe  (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Scandinavia) 

Fractional C-Suite Team

Chris Rovtar
Daniel Sanders
Video Streaming/Engineering
Nicolas Soufflet
Advisor, gaming
Phil Perry
Global Strategic Advisor
Alison Dollar
Global Advisor
Sunil Rajapurohit
Global Advisor/M&E/Chief Architect
Ryan Valley
Ryan Valley

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